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I spent an hour and a half this evening on a new project. I've decided, this series, to try my hand transcribing episodes. Ever since "The Eleventh Hour", I've been mildly obsessed with the dialogue. I wrote this at 2:40am on April 4th:

"You know you have a Doctor Who problem when you need to resist the temptation at *checks the clocks* 2:40 in the morning to transcribe the latest episode of Doctor Who. Because you really like the dialogue and want to enjoy it even more."

I read a call out a couple of evenings ago for volunteers to try transcribing the new series and decided to volunteer. I'm actually going to be just one contributor of... I'm not sure how many there are of us, to be honest, but I'm thinking of doing all of them anyway because the each transcriber's "voice" and choices are different and I find that rather fascinating.

I thought I'd share my work this evening. It's only 'the first Act' (the first 10 minutes) of S5E2 and it took me an hour and half, so I expect each episode to take me two or three evenings to get each episode done. I used a set of subtitles already available on the Internet as the basis for the transcript. I then corrected the mistakes in the transcript (a number of missing words, mostly in the Doctor's dialogue which were probably intentionally removed because meaning is still preserved without them), added action and scene descriptions, along with character tone indicators and other incidental sounds they make.

I welcome any constructive criticism, what I should do differently or tweak to make it better.

ETA: Oh, and I'd love to know if you think the Doctor says "Deck 27" or "Deck 207".

Cut the transcript for length, because WOAH long. )

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