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2010-07-14 03:02 pm
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You Won't Like Me When I'm Angry


This year, I decided to treat myself to a subscription to Doctor Who Magazine. That seems reasonable, right? I was very excited about the upcoming series, I like the look of the magazine, it's all fun and stuff.

I decided to get a subscription through Whostore (whostore dot co dot uk), because I thought that they would be, like me, enthusiastic about Doctor Who, treat their customers well, etc.

I was so, so wrong.

I have tried to work with them for the past 7 months to get my subscription up and running, to no avail, so I decided to go public. I'm upset, angry, and I don't want anyone else to go through the misery of what I'm going through. Maybe they'll do right by me because I've gone public, but I've tried to work with them, as you'll see below, and see that I have been treated with awful customer service: silence.

Details inside the cut. )

So, here it is. I hate doing this because I believe that I could work things out with people, but this hasn't worked out. I have no idea what I am doing wrong and it has been very frustrating.

Interestingly, in the same time period, I've had an amazing customer support experience relating to Doctor Who items from ThinkGeek. I ordered my Eleventh Doctor sonic screwdriver from them. I received it and realized that it wasn't working, so I requested a replacement. They sent me a mailing label so that I didn't have to pay for the return. I returned the product and I promptly received my replacement...

...which had a wonky screw and I couldn't open the battery compartment to put in the batteries. I wrote them saying that the new sonic they sent me was also not working. AGAIN, they sent me a mailing label and I sent them the screwdriver back and received a beautiful, working sonic soon afterwards.

I cannot praise ThinkGeek enough for their amazing customer support. I bought my Christmas gifts this past year through them and they have gained not just a loyal customer but an enthusiastic one.

I wish I could say the same about the Whostore.
So very, very disappointing.
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2010-06-29 10:15 pm
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"The Pandorica Opens" & "The Big Bang", a visual companion

This is a MUST SEE if you've seen "The Big Bang". It's not just informative, it's very funny and I love it very much.

Very, very much.
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2010-06-27 10:22 am
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Stop talking. Brain thinking. Hush.

Cut for my emotional feelings, which may be constituted as spoilers, for 'The Big Bang' and 'Time Crash'. )

Sarah Jane Adventures will start soon.
And not long after that finishes will be the Christmas special.
And not long after that will be S6.

I hope I'll be ready.

ETA - Yes, that is me in Doctor Who Confidential episode 13 sporting a bowtie. Because they are cool.
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2010-04-28 09:40 pm
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My Transcript Project: S5E2 "The Beast Below", Act 1

I spent an hour and a half this evening on a new project. I've decided, this series, to try my hand transcribing episodes. Ever since "The Eleventh Hour", I've been mildly obsessed with the dialogue. I wrote this at 2:40am on April 4th:

"You know you have a Doctor Who problem when you need to resist the temptation at *checks the clocks* 2:40 in the morning to transcribe the latest episode of Doctor Who. Because you really like the dialogue and want to enjoy it even more."

I read a call out a couple of evenings ago for volunteers to try transcribing the new series and decided to volunteer. I'm actually going to be just one contributor of... I'm not sure how many there are of us, to be honest, but I'm thinking of doing all of them anyway because the each transcriber's "voice" and choices are different and I find that rather fascinating.

I thought I'd share my work this evening. It's only 'the first Act' (the first 10 minutes) of S5E2 and it took me an hour and half, so I expect each episode to take me two or three evenings to get each episode done. I used a set of subtitles already available on the Internet as the basis for the transcript. I then corrected the mistakes in the transcript (a number of missing words, mostly in the Doctor's dialogue which were probably intentionally removed because meaning is still preserved without them), added action and scene descriptions, along with character tone indicators and other incidental sounds they make.

I welcome any constructive criticism, what I should do differently or tweak to make it better.

ETA: Oh, and I'd love to know if you think the Doctor says "Deck 27" or "Deck 207".

Cut the transcript for length, because WOAH long. )
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2010-04-26 12:18 pm
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Question about "Blink"

So, I've got this question about "Blink" that I sent out on Twitter but since not everyone I know from here is on Twitter, and y'all are so brilliant, I figured I should ask here as well.

Here's the question:
What is the moral of "Blink"?

The reason why I am asking. This does not contain spoilers, I think, but it points to somewhere that does. )
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2010-04-23 02:07 pm
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io9 Fails Classic Doctor Who

A couple of days ago, I was rather pleased with io9's "Everything You Need To Know About Doctor Who" article that I linked it on Facebook, since I know a number of people there who just recently got into Doctor Who.

When I heard that they wrote an article "How To Discover Classic Doctor Who In 3 Easy Steps", I was eager to check it out to see if I could pass it along.

Um, no.

Cut containing spoilers for Classic bits and me generally complaining and being negative. )

So, yeah, I can't recommend this article to people, especially those who want to dip their toe into Classic Who. I've read much better introductions to Classic Who for New Who people and it's such a shame that those articles will not be as widely read as this io9 article.
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2010-04-19 07:15 pm

Steven Moffat is My Writer

You know how people say "X is My Doctor"?*

Well, Steven Moffat is My Writer. My New Who Writer. I recognize that his style and his characterizations don't suit everyone's tastes, but they Totally Do It for me. And I love how he thinks about Doctor Who. He's not perfect, but the more he talks about the show, the more I feel that he's looking inside my mind and expressing, in so much better words that I ever could, everything I love about it.

The interview that Steven, Karen, and Matt did for "The Sound of Young America" just came out and there's so many sweet, quotable things from it... but this one stood out and sang to me.

The interviewer asks about potential romantic relationship between the Doctor and his companion, given how roughly similar in age and very good looking they are.

"I think the Doctor, while he is the most gentlemanly gentleman in the universe and would always respect such things, I think he's a serial faller-in-love-r. I think he just does. I think he loses his heart a lot. And the truth is he lost both his hearts to the big blue box and none of them stand a chance."

It's not just the TARDIS, but what she represents: it's his home, his longest companion, and the way that he can see everywhere and anywhere. The TARDIS gives him freedom, purpose and meaning. How can that not be his first and greatest love?

Also, it tickles me pink because I'm very much like how he describes the Doctor. A serial faller-in-love-r. But I always return to the big loves of my life. Like Doctor Who.

(He also makes really great observations about children and what they want. I believe he is spot-on.)

So yeah, listen to the interview, it's pretty good (lots of stuff we've heard before, but it is still quite nice). It's added a few more reasons, this observation being the strongest one, as to why Steven Moffat is My Writer.

*For the curious, My Doctor is the Fifth.
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2010-04-18 01:27 am
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Can't Get You Outta My Head (ie, My Current Crackpot Doctor Who Theory)

It's 1:30am here.

I can't sleep.

My mind is occupied by a particular theory about what's going on in S5 and I'm trying to grab as much "evidence" as I can for it. I figured I'd share it to see if it really is crazy or a possibility.

My friends, I've never been so excited about a series arc theory. Really.

Here goes:
Spoilers ahoy! )
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2010-04-13 10:51 pm

The Apple Soho Doctor Who Experience

Tonight, I managed to get myself together and to the Apple Soho store in New York City for the "Meet the cast" session, celebrating Doctor Who. Little did I know what a treat I was in for.

Pictures and details, stuff I livetweeted, etc. There are spoilers here for 'The Eleventh Hour'. )

Addition: the "Meet the Filmmaker" podcast on iTunes will have a download shortly of the event!