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You know how people say "X is My Doctor"?*

Well, Steven Moffat is My Writer. My New Who Writer. I recognize that his style and his characterizations don't suit everyone's tastes, but they Totally Do It for me. And I love how he thinks about Doctor Who. He's not perfect, but the more he talks about the show, the more I feel that he's looking inside my mind and expressing, in so much better words that I ever could, everything I love about it.

The interview that Steven, Karen, and Matt did for "The Sound of Young America" just came out and there's so many sweet, quotable things from it... but this one stood out and sang to me.

The interviewer asks about potential romantic relationship between the Doctor and his companion, given how roughly similar in age and very good looking they are.

"I think the Doctor, while he is the most gentlemanly gentleman in the universe and would always respect such things, I think he's a serial faller-in-love-r. I think he just does. I think he loses his heart a lot. And the truth is he lost both his hearts to the big blue box and none of them stand a chance."

It's not just the TARDIS, but what she represents: it's his home, his longest companion, and the way that he can see everywhere and anywhere. The TARDIS gives him freedom, purpose and meaning. How can that not be his first and greatest love?

Also, it tickles me pink because I'm very much like how he describes the Doctor. A serial faller-in-love-r. But I always return to the big loves of my life. Like Doctor Who.

(He also makes really great observations about children and what they want. I believe he is spot-on.)

So yeah, listen to the interview, it's pretty good (lots of stuff we've heard before, but it is still quite nice). It's added a few more reasons, this observation being the strongest one, as to why Steven Moffat is My Writer.

*For the curious, My Doctor is the Fifth.
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